What sort of clients do you mostly deal with?

The majority of our business clients are small businesses across a range of industries including tradespeople, hire car and taxi operators, removalists, couriers, commercial cleaners, hairdressers and professionals.

Most of our clients are based in Sydney, we are happy to work with clients who are outside our immediate area.

Our clients have a number of different business structures, including company, partnership and sole traders .

When can I expect to receive my refund?

After your tax return is completed and lodged, you can expect to receive your refund in approximately 14 days, depending on processing time for the Tax Office.

How much will it cost to prepare and lodge my tax return?

Costs will vary, depending on the complexity of the tax return. For basic individual employee PAYG tax returns, prices start at $90. If you have a business tax return you would like us to prepare, it is best to contact us for a discussion of your specific situation.

All Tax Agent fees paid to us are tax deductible.

What are the benefits of using a Registered Tax Agent?

There are a number of advantages to using a registered Tax Agent to prepare and file your tax return. There are restrictions surrounding who can be registered as a Tax Agent, which means that the person who is preparing your tax return will be required to have a certain level of qualifications and experience.

When you use a Tax Agent, you have an additional level of protection, as registered Tax Agents are required to have professional indemnity insurance. They must also abide by a strict code of professional conduct.

Will it be difficult to change accountants?

In many cases, changing from one accountant to another is less painful than most people expect. When you change accountants, you get the benefit of having another person with a fresh eye looking at your accounts, which can highlight issues that might have previously been overlooked.

By what date do I need to lodge my tax return?

A. The due date is October 31 for businesses and individuals that are preparing their own tax returns. If you use a Tax Agent, it is possible that you can get an extension until up to May 15, depending on your level of income and lodgement history.

If you have not previously used a Tax Agent, you will need to contact Income Tax Help Centre   before October 31 to ensure you are in compliance.

Can you help if I have multiple tax returns outstanding?

Yes, we can get all your returns done at the same time so that you can get up to date.

Are you able to deduct your fees directly from my refund?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service as it would require additional costs that would need to be passed on to our clients.

Can you help me set up a company ?

Yes, we can offer you advice about which type of entity or company structure will be most appropriate for your needs, and help you establish your company . We can help you apply for an ABN, PAYG withholding and Tax File Number, and we will make sure we explain any costs upfront.

What are the main services you offer your small business clients?

We offer a number of services, including:

  1. BAS and GST services.
  2. Tax return preparation and lodgement.
  3. Advice on a range of taxation matters.
  4. Preparation of PAYG payment summaries.
  5. Preparation of financial statements.
  6. ASIC registered company and office secretarial services.

Do I need to meet with you face-to-face or can I just send in my paperwork?

You are welcome to meet with us, or send us your paperwork. We will let you know once we have received it, and keep you informed and updated on the progress of your return.

Are you accredited and regulated by a recognised and respected industry organisation?

A. George Kaloudis is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants. Along with high qualification and experience prerequisites, members of the Institute are required to complete 80 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every two years.